Young Legs - Songs From Lost Valley

Mint 400

“yeah, the lo-fi approach was partially out of necessity and partially out of intention. waiting for ideal circumstances to make music has gotten me nowhere for way too long, and my previous lo-fi tracks have been just as well received as my clean recordings, if not moreso, so I figured what the heck!!” – Steven Donhue | Young Legs

“Steeped in the lockdown vibes of Covid times comes Young Legs’ “Theme From Lost Valley” – a mix Paul McCartney’s Ram, early ramshackle My Morning Jacket. and Big Star’s 3rd. Songs like “Dialogue” and “Window” are a true, moving document of the year we’ve all been through” – Lyle Hysen | Bankrobbermusic

“a beautiful record and hearkens back to a time when bands like Fleet Foxes, Blitzen Trapper, and a pre-electronic Sufjan Stevens were at the pinnacle of Indie Rock.” – Jim Appio | CoolDad Music

“Featuring a range of orchestral instruments, this album is made up of ten lush tracks filled with emotion and introspection.” – Adam McGuire |  NJ Racket

“With his solo project Young Legs, NJ-based songwriter Steve Donahue examines and tells stories of love blended with the natural world. “ – Mike Mehalick |

“If you’re looking for a lush, folk-influenced rock album then Young Legs is your man.” – Matthew Heiner | The Fire Note

“innocent, free and intricate handclap-worthy are Young Legs’ tunes. Honestly, in a world riddled with so much angst, it’s kind of a breath of fresh air!” – Deb Draisin | Jersey Beat

“Atmospheric and beautiful. One of my favorite albums for a walk through the bogs at dusk” – Ryan Davis | Coffee Escapism


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Fleet Foxes, Sufjan Stevens, Blitzen Trapper, My Morning Jacket, Big Star