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(9/22/20: Deradoorian, Into It. Over It., Sundressed, Flung, Eric Johanson, E.R.I.E., Jeff Tweedy [SINGLE])

(9/15/20: Coupons, Sunship Balloons, Chuck is a Band [EP], NOi!SE [EP], Beau Dega, Brian Erickson, Greg Puciato [SINGLE], Darksoft [SINGLE], Hundredth [SINGLE])

Say Their Names:
“SAY THEIR NAMES” [SINGLE] Read by Salam Fatayer

Downloads (A-Z by Artist)

A Certain Ratio
Berlin [SINGLE]
ACR Loco (MP3)

A Shoreline Dream
Melting (MP3)
Melting (FLAC)

almost monday
Broken People [SINGLE]

Angel Du$t
Lil House (MP3)
Lil House (FLAC)

Liza Anne
Devotion [SINGLE]
Desire [SINGLE]
Bad Vacation [CLEAN SINGLE]
Bad Vacation (MP3)
Bad Vacation (FLAC)

Archers of Loaf
Raleigh Days [SINGLE]
Street Fighting Man [SINGLE]
Talking Over Talk [SINGLE]
Cruel Reminder [SINGLE]

Baby FuzZ
Before Our Time (Feat. LP)[SINGLE]

Bad Cop/Bad Cop
The Ride (MP3)
The Ride (FLAC)

Bay Ledges
New Daze [EP] (MP3)
New Daze [EP] (FLAC)

Lie Out Loud (MP3)
Lie Out Loud (FLAC)

Lookin At Life Through Dirty Glasses (MP3)
Lookin At Life Through Dirty Glasses (FLAC)

Daniel Blumberg
Bound [SINGLE]
Teethgritter [CLEAN SINGLE]
On&On (MP3)
On&On (FLAC)

Misty Boyce
The Clearing feat. Doe Paoro [SINGLE]
genesis (n)one feat. Taylor Goldsmith of Dawes [SINGLE]

Sammy Brue
Crash Test Kid (MP3)
Crash Test Kid (FLAC)

The Campbell Apartment
Curmudgeon (MP3)
Curmudgeon (FLAC)

Stay Down [SINGLE]

Chuck is a Band
Tender Kid [EP] (MP3)
Tender Kid [EP] (FLAC)

Coast Modern
Puppy Llama [SINGLE]

Cold Hart and Lil Peep
Me and You [SINGLE]

Commonwealth Choir
No End (MP3)
No End (FLAC)

Coo & Howl
Wires Fly Wild (MP3)
Wires Fly Wild (FLAC)

Moz Disco [SINGLE]
Up & Up (MP3)
Up & Up (FLAC)

Foreshadow [SINGLE]

Beau Dega
Oof (MP3)
Oof (FLAC)

Delicate Steve
Green [SINGLE]

Del Paxton
September, Bedtime, Ontario [EP] (MP3)
September, Bedtime, Ontario [EP] (FLAC)

Delta Spirit
What Is There (MP3)
What Is There (FLAC)

Monk’s Robes [SINGLE]
Mask of Yesterday [SINGLE]
Find The Sun (MP3)
Find The Sun (FLAC)

Disheveled Cuss
Wanna Be My Friend [SINGLE]
Disheveled Cuss (MP3)
Disheveled Cuss (FLAC)

Don’t Wanna Live, Don’t Wanna Die (MP3)
Don’t Wanna Live, Don’t Wanna Die (FLAC)

Early Eyes
I’m Enough [SINGLE]
Clarity [SINGLE]

Brian Erickson
Another Unfinished Novel [SINGLE]
Little Secrets (MP3)
Little Secrets (FLAC)

Fake Pockets
Magnolia Street (MP3)
Magnolia Street (FLAC)

Fleet Foxes
Shore (MP3)
Shore (FLAC)

Shaky But My Hair Is Grown (MP3)
Shaky But My Hair Is Grown (FLAC)

Robert Francis
Boy Like That [SINGLE]
Vol. 1 (MP3)
Vol. 1 (FLAC)
Amaretto (MP3)
Amaretto (FLAC)

Hannah Georgas
That Emotion [SINGLE]
Dreams [SINGLE]
All That Emotion (MP3)
All That Emotion (FLAC)

Get Dead
Disruption [CLEAN SINGLE]

The Ghost Inside
Aftermath [SINGLE]
The Ghost Inside (MP3)
The Ghost Inside (FLAC)

Like I’m Winning It [SINGLE]
Touch Me (It’s Like I’m Winning It) [SINGLE]

Aeroplane [SINGLE]
Lullaby For You (MP3)
Lullaby For You (FLAC)

Glen Hansard
Cold Comfort [SINGLE]

Harry the Nightgown
Harry the Nightgown (MP3)

Ben Harper
Don’t Let Me Disappear [SINGLE]
Black Eyed Dog (feat. Rhiannon Giddens) [SINGLE]

Hey, King!
Lucky [SINGLE]
Be Still [EP] (MP3)
Be Still [EP] (FLAC)

Bottle It Up [SINGLE]

Christian Lee Hutson
Get The Old Band Back Together [CLEAN SINGLE]
Beginners (MP3)
Beginners (FLAC)
The Version Suicides [EP] (MP3)
The Version Suicides [EP] (FLAC)

Surfin’ [SINGLE]
Read The Room (MP3)
Read The Room (FLAC)

Into It. Over It.
Figure (MP3)
Figure (FLAC)

Thanya Iyer

Yves Jarvis
Victim [SINGLE]
For Props [SINGLE]
Semula [SINGLE]

Heart Sweats (Live) [SINGLE]
Massey Fucking Hall (MP3)
Massey Fucking Hall (FLAC)

Andy Jenkins
Far Away From Here (feat. Erin Rae) [SINGLE]

Eric Johanson
Below Sea Level (MP3)
Below Sea Level (FLAC)

Carissa Johnson and The Cure-Alls
The Good EP (MP3)
The Good EP (FLAC)

Josiah Johnson
Nobody Knows [SINGLE]
World’s Not Gonna End [CLEAN SINGLE]
Every Feeling On A Loop (MP3)
Every Feeling On A Loop (FLAC)

Joyce Manor
Songs From Northern Torrance (MP3)

Dream or Don’t Dream (MP3)
Dream or Don’t Dream (FLAC)

Lost Cities (MP3)
Lost Cities (FLAC)

This World Of Ours, It Came Apart [EP] (MP3)
This World Of Ours, It Came Apart [EP] (FLAC)

The Lawrence Arms
Last Last Words [CLEAN SINGLE]
Skeleton Coast (MP3)
Skeleton Coast (FLAC)

LC Flowers
works1619 (MP3)
works1619 (FLAC)

Love Fame Tragedy
Wherever I Go, I Want To Leave (MP3)
Wherever I Go, I Want To Leave (FLAC)

Mad Caddies
Let It Go [SINGLE]

Katie Malco
Animal [SINGLE]
Failures (MP3)
Failures (FLAC)

Cass McCombs
Confidence Man [CLEAN SINGLE]
The Wine Of Lebanon [SINGLE]

Cass McCombs & Steve Gunn
Sweet Lucy b/w Wild Mountain Thyme [7-INCH]

The Real McKenzies
Beer and Loathing (MP3)
Beer and Loathing (FLAC)

Aperitif [EP] (MP3)
Aperitif [EP] (FLAC)

Mike Chick
Beach Wolff [SINGLE]

The Milk Carton Kids
Live From Lincoln Theatre (MP3)

The Milwaukees
No Way Out [SINGLE]
The Calling (MP3)
The Calling (FLAC)

Modern Color
From The Leaves Of Your Garden (MP3)
From The Leaves Of Your Garden (FLAC)

Moscow Apartment
Better Daughter (MP3)
Better Daughter (FLAC)

Bob Mould
American Crisis [CLEAN SINGLE]
Forecast Of Rain [SINGLE]
Blue Hearts (MP3)
Blue Hearts (FLAC)

Mouse On The Keys
Arche (MP3)
Arche (FLAC)

Mountain Time
Rosemary, Etc. [SINGLE]
Music For Looking Animals (MP3)
Music For Looking Animals (FLAC)

Mrs. Piss
Self-Surgery (MP3)
Self-Surgery (FLAC)

The Naked and Famous
Recover (MP3)
Recover (FLAC)

NOFX & Frank Turner
Thatcher Fucked The Kids b/w BOB [SINGLE]
West Coast vs. Wessex (MP3)
West Coast vs. Wessex (FLAC)

Price We Pay [SINGLE]
Welcome To Tacoma (MP3)
Welcome To Tacoma (FLAC)

Off With Their Heads
Character (MP3)
Character (FLAC)

Only Sibling
Get Well Soon (MP3)
Get Well Soon (FLAC)

Pillow Queens
Handsome Wife [SINGLE]
Holy Show [SINGLE]
In Waiting (MP3)
In Waiting (FLAC)

Plague Vendor
Night Sweats b/w SPF [SINGLE]

Prism Tats
Mania [SINGLE]
Mother’s Son [SINGLE]
Avalanche (Leonard Cohen cover) [SINGLE]

Greg Puciato
Down When I’m Not [SINGLE]

Use Me (MP3)
Use Me (FLAC)

Red Sammy
That Raging Heart (MP3)
That Raging Heart (MP3)

Remo Drive
Easy As That [EDIT/SINGLE]
Star Worship [SINGLE]
A Portrait Of An Ugly Man (MP3)
A Portrait Of An Ugly Man (FLAC)

Reese Van Riper
Your Dream Is Dead (MP3)
Your Dream Is Dead (FLAC)


John K. Samson
Fantasy Baseball at the End of the World [SINGLE]

Seized Up
Manic Decompression [CLEAN SINGLE]

Secret Machines
Everything Starts [CLEAN SINGLE]
Awake In the Brain Chamber (MP3)
Awake In the Brain Chamber (FLAC)

Andy Shauf
Judy b/w Jeremy’s Wedding [7-INCH]

Sink Tapes
Curtains b/w I Could’ve Missed [SINGLE]

The Slackers
Nobody’s Listening b/w Sleep Outside [SINGLE]

Special Moves
Thank U Pile Of CDRs [SINGLE]
Little Help (MP3)
Little Help (FLAC)

Square Loop
Mom Come Pick Me Up (MP3)
Mom Come Pick Me Up (FLAC)

Fruit Island (MP3)
Fruit Island (FLAC)

Mavis Staples
All In It Together feat. Jeff Tweedy [SINGLE]

The Still, Small Voice
Roller Rink [SINGLE]

Oh Please [SINGLE]
Your Frequency [CLEAN SINGLE]
Home Remedy (MP3)
Home Remedy (FLAC)

Sunship Balloon
Everywhen (MP3)
Everywhen (FLAC)

Fill Me Up [SINGLE]
Through Waves (MP3)
Through Waves (FLAC)

Teenage Wrist
Silverspoon [SINGLE]

Tegan and Sara
Hey, We’re Just Like You (The Remixes) (MP3)
Hey, We’re Just Like You (The Remixes)(FLAC)

When The Day Is Done (MP3)
When The Day Is Done (FLAC)

Territories/The Vicious Cycles
Split [7-INCH]

Thin Lear
Maniacs [SINGLE]
Wooden Cave (MP3)
Wooden Cave (FLAC)

Throwing Muses
Dark Blue [SINGLE]
Bo Diddley Bridge [CLEAN SINGLE]
Sun Racket (MP3)
Sun Racket (FLAC)

Time Thieves
Space (MP3)
Space (FLAC)

Touché Amoré
“Limelight” (Feat. Andy Hull from Manchester Orchestra) [SINGLE]

Jeff Tweedy
Guess Again b/w Love Is The King [SINGLE]

Gregory Uhlmann
Neighborhood Watch (MP3)
Neighborhood Watch (FLAC)

Ultra Major
Picture Perfect [SINGLE]

Vacation Manor
Thoughts in Progress, Pt. 1 (EP)(MP3)
Thoughts in Progress, Pt. 1 (EP)(FLAC)

Dear Future Self [SINGLE]

The Vicious Cycles
Sandpaper [SINGLE]

Everything Changes In The End (MP3)
Everything Changes In The End (FLAC)

Ways Away
Ways Away (MP3)
Ways Away (FLAC)

White Tail Falls
Age Of Entitlement (MP3)
Age Of Entitlement (FLAC)

Chris Wills
Carry You Home (feat. Doe Paoro)[SINGLE]
Chris Wills (The EP) (MP3)
Chris Wills (The EP) (FLAC)

Yawn Mower
Return Of The Lentils (MP3)
Return Of The Lentils (FLAC)

Z Berg
Get Z To A Nunnery (MP3)
Get Z To A Nunnery (FLAC)