Yellow Pills - Machines That Go Beep

Mint 400/Raining

“Absolutely timeless. Genre diversity fuels what Ryan is doing as Yellow Pills. I love it.” – Jim DeRogatis, Sound Opinions

Yellow Pills is an extremely eclectic one person artist. From time to time, a guest will appear on a song or two but the music is largely concocted by Ryan Miera of the Mint 400 Records band The Limbos. The first 5 albums are physically floating around Chicago but difficult to find as there was a very limited amount of copies made. As one will hear quite quickly, every record by Yellow Pills contains a remarkably wide range of sounds.

Machines That Go Beep once again proves that a LOT can happen on one album. You’ll hear funk, baroque, surf, garage, indie rock among much more. All of which have no business being in the same room but the album’s creator manages to make it all fluid for the listener in one undeniably unique package.


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