Together Pangea - DYE


So…what in the hell just happened?

If you find yourself asking that question these days, be sure you’re not alone. We just made it through the most absolute bonkers year of our lifetimes—maybe of anybody’s lifetime. Pandemic and protest, impeachment and implosion, fires, failures, horrors, hornets, scandals and stormings and more storms than you could count…no one can blame you if you spent the year hunkered down or hiding. And yet, some brave souls out there in Quarantineland seized the year as an opportunity to create something from out of all that isolation—though the meanings of and behind those creations are very much still being processed.

The members of the Los Angeles indie band Together PangeaWilliam Keegan, Danny Bengston, and Erik Jimenez—are three such undeterred, working class valiants who made the most of the 2020 turbulence by writing and recording DYE, an upbeat, undeniable collection of hooks, anthems, and power-pop garage-rock catchiness that is unmistakably the album of their career. And while they—and we—are still processing not only what the hell happened during the past bonkers year but also just what in the hell got made in it, too, one thing is certain: when life gives you lockdowns, make some f*cking lemonade. (Continue reading full bio in download folder)


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Fidlar, White Reaper, King Tuff, Guantanamo Baywatch
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#7, 8