Thanya Iyer - KIND


Thanya Iyer explores new worlds on the remarkable KIND” – FADER (Premiere)

“With a style reminiscent of Esperanza Spalding and Kadhja Bonet, Thanya’s first new album in four years lyrically tackles questions around healing, cultural identity, and disability through a beautiful sonic spectrum.” – KEXP

“It’s a masterclass in detail.” – Paste Magainze

“[…] there’s an unshakable beauty here — a sense of weightlessness provided in airy instrumentals and that can only come with the power of recognition.” – The Grey Estates on “Always, Be Together”

“Iyer’s gentle vocals nurture a listener’s core down to their bones.” – Girl Underground Music on “Please Don’t Hold Me Hostage for Who I Am, for Who I Was”

“Iyer […] writes songs that flow seamlessly across textures and styles, never staying in one place too long. Across the Montreal-based group’s Do You Dream? mixtape, moments of gauzy dream-pop gradually succumb to ambient experimentation, which cycles into jazz-inflected folk.” – NPR Music

“[A] gloriously skewed beast” – Gold Flake Paint on Do You Dream?

“Iyer—a vocalist, composer, producer, and bandleader—crafts music that is fanciful and roaming, incorporating bits of soul, jazz, electronica, and pop to build her own version of the future.” – ThrdCoast on Do You Dream?

“To me – the story behind KIND represents a journey. A journey filled with questions that travel around grief, depression, anxiety, racism, disability, chronic pain, healing, self love, and giving that love outwards to the relationships around you. The creature in the film represents yourself, everything that you don’t want to face. But its important to love every part of you, including the parts that are hard to face and difficult to let go of. The journey of loving yourself is supported by your loved ones (your friends, your fam, your community, your people) but at the end of the day you have everything within you, all the strength is inside that you need to help yourselves, love yourselves, honour your good, your bad and the high/low tides of life.”