SWiiMS - Through Waves [EP]

Mint 400

SWiiMS is a 4-piece rock outfit hailing from Toronto, Canada.  After a few failed attempts to get the project off the ground, drummer Ken Hume and guitarist Colin Thompson, chanced upon singer/guitarist Mai Diaz Langou.  Her elegant poetry and languid vocals meshed perfectly with the band’s jangly guitar pop and love of 60’s harmony.  Bassist Cian O’Ruanaidh auditioned shortly after and was the perfect fit, immediately soaking the songs in tasty melodic hooks and driving energy.

Their unique blend of Brit Rock, New Wave, Dream Pop and Shoegaze elements swirl around beautifully crafted lyrics and harmonies to create a sound that is all their own.   Their debut single, “Fill Me Up”, has been featured in print as well as on radio including on “Just another Menace Sunday” with Dennis The Menace.  “Through Waves” is their debut EP as well as their first release with Mint 400 Records.

“A delicious blend of what sounds at first like an early Cure influence musically, yet quickly takes a turn and you are pleasantly surprised by vocal sounds and an infectiously catchy melody, all while the dream-pop and shoegaze elements emerge, adding texture” –  Joe Pugsley – Blood Makes Noise

​”Showing a jangly, nocturnal sound fondly reminiscent of Wild Nothing, “Fill Me Up” is a newly released track from SWiiMS. The Toronto-based quartet are fronted by the serene vocals of Mai Diaz Langou, constructing a dreamy, engrossing quality through to the guitar-fronted conclusion… The jangly guitars throughout combine with a suave vocal presence for an intoxicating sound.” –  Mike Mineo – Obscure Sound

SWIIMS is an ambient, mystical ascent into their colourful world. Over in the UK, they remind me of bands like Wild Front and Spinn – it’s really well polished indie music, topped by gentle, mesmerising vocals from lead singer Mai Diaz Langou.”  Luke Joynes – Sucker

“timeless and authentic. The band keep it contemporary with Mai’s effortlessly cool lyricism and languid vocals at the helm, and they draw on each other’s collective years of experience to form a tight and smooth signature sound. This track would make a great addition to any slow Summer’s afternoon playlist with guitars and vocals that drift overhead the grounded rhythm section like floccose clouds. In fact, catch me in the garden this evening, sunbathing on a beachtowel with a gin in hand and SWiiMS on repeat.” – Marnie Burt – Turtle Tempo

Taking their cues from the likes of Pixies, Slowdive and Beach House, ‘Fill Me Up’ is one of those rare offerings that has both a nostalgic and contemporary edge to it.  Chris Bound – Mystic Sons

“Moody, melodic and hazy slice of dreamy indie-pop; guitars shimmer and twang amid a hazy allure of fuzz while dreamy vocals flutter above the undulating melodies – it is lush, dreamy and alluring.” – Barry Gruff

“The voice is absolutely stunning and mesmerizing.” – Wolf in a Suit