Sulene - In The Style Of David Lynch [EP]

Trash Casual/Secret Friends Music Group
Under The Radar: Sulene has been honing a distinctive brand of alt pop, fusing strains of electro pop, synth pop, and industrial rock for a blend that is both bracing and irresistible… Sulene’s latest effort brilliantly explores the tension between light and dark, offering both viscerally catchy hooks and snaking sinister melodies. Deep, pulsating synth notes and propulsive basslines take clear influence from the tense territory of ‘90s industrial acts like Nine Inch Nails, yet Sulene’s glistening vocals could just as easily fill dancefloors.
AudioFemme: Sulene wants to do one simple thing: dance. Well, it’s actually a little more complex than that, as she attests with her latest single “We Go Hard.” Through a claustrophobic wall-to-wall sound, the indie-electronic artist embraces “every aspect of being a woman” and screams without hesitation, “I do what I want, and what I want is to dance.”
New Noise Magazine: Sulene’s flavor of pop comes with exhilaration, triumph, and hope, mixing a dark, gothic essence with bumping beats and melodies that will have trouble leaving your head once you hear them.
The Hype Magazine: Sulene’s music is a collage of upbeat synth-drenched electro-pop anthems thrown into a blender of early Nine Inch Nails industrial rock. It’s an invigorating mix served up in a giant glass of f*ck-it, be-precisely-who-you-are attitude.
Buzz-Music: Sulene gives us a sweet taste of what to expect with her recent thrilling single and accompanying music video for “Electrosexual.” The song itself is a tantalizing blend of sultry synthpop, driving industrial rock guitars, and Sulene’s sensually-inclined vocals that leave us gripped.
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