Subsonic Eye - Melt The Wax [EP]


On Subsonic Eye’s Melt the Wax, the Singaporean five-piece present a concise collection of their richly layered, quick-paced indie-pop. Over three songs which explore singer Nur Wahidah’s upbringing, Melt the Wax boasts Subsonic Eye’s penchant for snappy, invigorating pop-rock songs jangling with clarity and entrancing tone. The EP marks the group’s first release in over a year, and serves as a brief resting point before a forthcoming full-length album.

On his frame of mind while making the “Hurt Your Head” music video, Subsonic Eye’s Daniel Borces writes, “Even though Singapore is filled with colour and nature I always feel a sense of detachment from how it truly is, and that makes it difficult for me to feel peaceful. I don’t know if it’s just my internal life conflicting with my immediate surroundings, but the constant construction, noise, heat, humidity, rushing to places and overly manicured look overwhelms me and I just feel like a cat on edge all the time. Maybe I’m just drinking too much coffee to do work I don’t need to be doing so I can feel productive.”