Shuffle and Bang - Island Bop

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Every band needs a good story. Shuffle & Bang is no different. A father and son’s unique approach to Jazz and Jamaican rhythms tells the story of this dynamic group. Drummer Korey Kingston (The Aggrolites) put this group together as a passion project that all started from playing John Coltrane’s Niama in a Roots Reggae feel on one of Kim “Pop’s” Horn’s Jazz gigs. “It just felt right,” says Korey, “and this provided a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between different styles of music that my pops and I know and love”.”

Shuffle & Bang hails from San Diego California, where they recently recorded their debut album Island Bop. The bands debut performance was to a sold out crowd in Anaheim California during NAMM week.

Shuffle & Bang is made up of some of the most gifted and talented musicians in the San Diego area. Saxophonist, arranger and composer Robert Dove explains, “When Korey asked me to be a part of Shuffle & Bang, I couldn’t wait to be on board.  As primarily a jazz player, I love to find ways to reach new audiences. Shuffle & Bang is something new, something fresh, something to for both the band and the audience to be a part of!”

Lead Vocalist Kim “Pops’ Horn brings the classic, Jazz crooner vibe to the forefront of the stage as pianist Bobby Cressey and Bassist Omar Lopez bring the atonal forays of Jazz, with the energy and authenticity of Jamaican music. Steady rhythms from percussionist Steve Haney adds the perfect compliment to this infectious musical powerhouse.

Shuffle & Bang will always have the dance floor moving and shaking! Says Korey “We love Jazz, we love Jamaican music. Our sound is influenced by all the different styles we love. There is something for everyone in our music.” But this is not just Jazz, or just Ska. This is Jamaican Jazz. This is Island Bop… This is SHUFFLE & BANG!

Korey has played with artists over the years such as The Aggrolites, Tim Timebomb, Suedehead, Sharp/Shock, Hepcat and more

Between the father and son (Pops and Korey Horn) are a gang of musicians with resumes as powerful as any. Players include savvy veterans from The Aggrolites, Rhythm Doctors, Suedehead, Brian Setzer Orchestra, The Original Wailers, Slightly Stoopid, and Stevie Wonder – hell, the pianist plays organ for the San Diego Padres baseball team. It’s definitely an all-star cast, presenting something truly unique, with some real undeniable heart & soul.


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Hepcat, The Aggrolites, John Coltrane, The Skatalites, The Slackers, Mad Caddies