Renee Maskin - Swimming

Mint 400

“…Maskin sounds like she’s got more than a little Leonard Cohen in her.” – You Don’t Know Jersey

Maskin’s vocals are like a voice in your head.” – CoolDad Music

“…draws from a well of trodden, rustic folk pathways while still creating a polished indie sound…” – Elmore Magazine

Known for her distinctive voice, literally and artistically, Renee Maskin is a staple of the thriving music scene in Asbury Park, NJ. Her lyrics range from heartfelt to subtly wry, often within the same song. Musically, she draws from a wide well of influence. From country and Americana, to krautrock, to glam.

Formerly of LowlightMaskin co-wrote four acclaimed studio albums with the band and notably toured in support of The Pretenders. Her first solo release, Swimming combines Maskin’s distinguishable songcraft sensibilities with layers of ambient textures to round out the record. Written and recorded in the isolation of the pandemic, Swimming touches upon themes of isolation and seclusion, but also of desire and hope.


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