Lurid Purple Flowers - Mania [EP]


At the start of 2020, everything changed for Boston rock band Lurid Purple Flowers. As life shut down all across the United States and live shows were put on hold, they focused their energy on creating new music remotely. As a result, they released 3 singles for their new upcoming EP Mania, each successive release building upon the last, and communicating the lens that they saw the world through.

Their releases detail harrowing stories of isolation, mistreatment, and cracking under the pressure of day-to-day life. This makes the bright spots of hope and determination that shine through all the more beautiful. CA Newcomb lays down raw vocals and blistering guitar lines supplemented by guitarist Ben Caito. Andy Popescu is the glue on bass, and Boston native John Keyes locks down the band’s tight, funk-influenced grooves.

“Lurid” means vivid and harsh in color and is a perfect description for the band in both sound and personality. Mania releases Jan. 2022