Reese Van Riper - Revelation

Mint 400 Records

Reese Van Riper aren’t just a band that you’ll hear once and they’ll go away. In fact, this (band) will likely engulf you with their indie blues sound.” – The Aquarian Arts Weekly

Reese Van Riper make some deliciously-sleazy swamp rock, and after a while, you can’t help but wonder about the stories behind it.” – United By Rocket Science

Inside a defunct hay barn on the outskirts of Crawford County Pennsylvania, the stale aroma of rotting wood is subdued by the overwhelming stench of guano. This place where once an old family mill was based upon has now become a congregation for nocturnal scavengers. For some stepping into such a place would shoot chills up one’s spine. However, Reese Van Riper says it’s the only place in the world where he can truly find solace. Here is where Reese found revelation and began his own march of progress.

The five piece from northern New Jersey consists of drummer Glen Monturi, lead guitarist Andrew Lange, bassist Evan Luberger, keyboardist Brandon Gehrig and Papa Reese himself on lead vocals and rhythm guitar. Evan Luberger & Brandon Gehrig also are the core members of the Mint 400 Records band Rosey Bengal and they share similar psychedelic vibes. The five have undeniable chemistry on and off the stage. When the band takes the stage Papa Reese stands a towering 6’7″ and automatically commands the audience with his presence alone. As the guys feed off their energy, the crowd becomes a sea of electricity and like a wave just about to crest the momentum crashes upon them. Taking all of those factors into mind is what makes Reese Van Riper an onstage powerhouse.