Poggy - No More I [EP]

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Poggy’s voice is like a raw element calling you back to the wild.” – Beyond Music

“what a gem this artist and record (Woman) is. It takes so many cool elements of 60’s soul and 60’s pop and blends it with modern sensibilities.” – BloodMakesNoise

No More I is the newest EP from Poggy also known as Mary-Anne Hatton following up her debut album Woman.  The UK based singer songwriter and musician grew up in a family of 6 on the Kent coastal town of Deal. Music filled the house during these early years and it was through playing, singing and harmonizing with her 4 sisters that her musical foundation was cast. Poggy’s music mixes elements of jazz, world and folk to create a kaleidoscopic journey through song.

Poggy says this of her newest effort: “This vibrant and very real EP of three songs somehow seems to make up the whole of the expression of true freedom in this manifest world, expressed through the honest voice of the artist.  A panorama of an ancient forest rises up, with the sound of distant voices calling and a deep sense of yearning to return to the embrace of mother nature.!

Collectively these songs voice the true essence of the listeners inner world and the innate desire to be free and without limitation.  No more I represents the title track of this EP and points to a transition and movement towards a deeper purpose of living, through negating the all pervasive sense of ‘I’ and of the feeling of relief which is born of the absence of striving.! The unique recording aimed to transcend a bygone era of limitations and simplicity, which in turn infuenced the production and arrangement, incorporating instruments and tones which flourished within these engineering parameters.”


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