Modern Color - From The Leaves Of Your Garden

Other People

“Southern California-based Modern Color take an ambient, fiercely DIY approach to post-hardcore. Balancing indie-twinged fuzzy guitars with watery, haunted vocals while still retaining a decisive, heavy edge, the band is known for sticking to their singular vision for their sound. Add to that their independent, hardworking drive—the band books all their own tours and created their first music video entirely on their own—and it’s clear Modern Color are a force to be reckoned with.” – Hard Noise

Modern Color formed in San Pedro, California back in 2014, drawing from such influences as Hum, Title Fight, and Dinosaur Jr. Developing their unique songwriting voice along the way, the group embodied the DIY ethos, touring and booking their own shows, and dropping two studio albums, among other releases.” – No Echo

“When bands transform, they run the risk of losing fans that loved their old sound. Thankfully, that’s not the case with MODERN COLOR. A prime example of a band coming into their own, From the Leaves of Your Garden is the band’s best work yet, and is sure to turn a lot of heads.” – The New Fury


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