Time Thieves - Space

Anxious and Angry


Chicago’s rising alternative rock, indie power-pop five-piece TIME THIEVES has released their heavily awaited new album, Space via Anxious & Angry.

TIME THIEVES are Annie (This is My Fist/Ambition Mission), Jonathan (Brickfight), Lilly (Chicken Happen), Mike (Sass Dragons/Rad Payoff), and Tim (Horrible Things/Hospital Job).

The band is a collective of people who in their “regular” bands get angular, dissonant, and angry and PBR-soaked or whatever, but with TIME THIEVES just craft perfect power pop songs that simultaneously seem as if you’ve both heard them before and never experienced anything like them.

Huge hooks, sweet keyboard licks, a rock-solid rhythm section, and killer vocal harmonies: TIME THIEVES have crafted the perfect album for the summer.


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