Mike Chick - I Don't Write Love Songs

Mint 400

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Mike Chick, known also as the frontman of the Asbury Park band Yawn Mower, releases his debut solo LP, “I Don’t Write Love Songs”, via Mint 400 Records. “I Don’t Write Love Songs” is a compilation of singles Chick has released over the last few years plus his “More Sh*t To End Up In A Landfill” acoustic EP. The album also includes two unreleased songs; “The Sea is Free”, featuring Emily Bornemann of Dentist (Cleopatra Records) and “Share of Moves”, which is definitely about love. The sound of the LP varies throughout, from alternative punkers to quiet acoustic numbers and motorik inspired electro pop. There is a song for everyone on this LP from garage rock to indie pop & folk.

The album features a slew of Asbury Park New Jersey area musicians that Chick is grateful to have collaborated with over the years. Sam BeyNick BockEmily BornemannBrian DeMelloMike DepkoNick KaelblienRudy Meier, and Bob Paulos are featured throughout the record. Bill BourkePat Noon (River City Extension) and Paul Richie handled recording and mixing of the songs and the whole LP was mastered by Azimuth Mastering, except for “The Sea is Free”, which was mastered by Ryan Schwabe.


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