HUNNY - Homesick [EP]


Influenced by 80s and 90s alt-rock bands, California-based HUNNY has one motto–to make music forever! “We just want to grow this thing as much as we possibly can and be the biggest band possible. And just have fun and do it forever,” the band expressed. Composed of lead singer and guitarist Jason Yager, guitarist Jake Goldstein, drummer Joey Anderson, and bassist/keyboard player Kevin Grimmett, HUNNY released their full-length debut, Yes Yes. Yes. Yes. in 2019.

Gearing up for their brand new release with Epitaph titled Homesick, HUNNY collectively made nearly 100 demos over the pandemic. “We’re working on more songs at once right now than we ever have before,”, the band said. Collaborating again with Carlos De La Garza, Homesick includes four songs and forthcoming music visuals, along with an ideal tour coming this fall/winter. It begins with the punk-rock leading track “Homesick” and concludes with the up-tempo song “Speed Dial.”

“As far as the actual [song writing] process goes, it varies from song to song. Because we’ll bring in demos that have established lyrics or themes already. Or we’ll write to a melody that happens in the moment,” the band explained. “and the process has just become more increasingly collaborative as the band has gone on. HUNNY’s ongoing theme is “Dark lyrics and sunshiny melody.” it’s a way for them to get their emotional needs met through music. “We’re trying to get to the root of music that we want to make at this point,” the band concluded. Homesick propels HUNNY one step closer to their newfound sound.


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