Guilty Giraffe - Guilty Giraffe

Mint 400

Guilty Giraffe are a band hailing from Yonkers, NY, blending genres such as punk, grunge, shoegaze, and metal into one big melting pot of controlled chaos. The band has been playing around the NY, NJ area for almost 3 years now consistently. Guitarist/vocalist Mathew McGinnis introduces lush and powerful layers of guitars and the band used to be considered one of the loudest bands in NY. However Guilty Giraffe’s lineup on this new more polished recording of the band includes new members Will Vellek on guitar, Shane Sumano on bass, and Kevin Knebel on drums and it brings a new mellow indie vibe to the project.

The album as a whole is a polished more professionally recorded version of the best material from the bands existence and it  follows up their past projects, Filtered, A Time to Slime, Server Error, and EP Running on Empty all available on Mint 400 Records. The new self-titled album  offers a continuation of sounds the band has explored in the past, noisey interludes, thick walls of sound, psychedelic riffs, and heavy breakdowns. This band will be sure to catch the ears of listeners who like No Age, A Place to Bury Strangers, Cloud Nothings, Fugazi, Metz, and The Deftones.



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No Age, A Place to Bury Strangers, Cloud Nothings, Metz, The Garden
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