Future Teens - Self Help

Triple Crown

“Rousing Boston emo band [share] ‘BYOB,’ a chugging, melodic track about bandleader Amy Hoffman’s journey toward sobriety.” – Stereogum

“[‘BYOB’ is] a reflective and jammy rock song, which comes with a playful music video that offsets the seriousness of the lyrics” – BrooklynVegan

“Personal, identifiable, resonant lyricism…[“Same Difference” is] an intersection where the something short, catchy, and has a shout-a-long chorus collides head-on with writing that leaves you feeling extremely seen.” – Atwood

“[The music of Future Teens]  is firmly grounded in the everyday. Feelings are felt viscerally and observed wryly. Sadness is not a burden to be transcended, but an existential state to be analyzed, gently mocked, even wallowed in. This is the kind of music that wants to sweep you away. The kind of music that wants to make you feel.” – WBUR

To be released by Triple Crown Records on 9/23/22, Self Help is an exquisitely vulnerable and empathetic healing wound of an album that sweetens weighty universal anxieties with gorgeously lovesick melodies, intuitive close harmonies, and elevated emo-esque songcraft recalling indie-pop’s Pitchfork-propelled 2000s heyday.

“This is the record that I needed as a depressed kid,” mulled co-vocalist/guitarist Amy Hoffman (they/he). “These are songs that I still need as an adult with plenty of mental health stuff going on. I just hope that somebody connects with it in a positive way.”

Formed in 2014, Future Teens’ initially lighthearted harnessing of classic pop sensibilities to self-effacing confessional lyrics resonated rapidly and widely, propelling the band – completed by founding guitarist/co-vocalist Daniel Radin (he/him), drummer Colby Blauvelt (he/him), and bassist Maya Mortman (she/her) – from local basement shows to extensive touring, including European treks, and widespread critical acclaim. “We’re seeking to build community,” said Radin. “People that resonate with our music seem to resonate with each other.” (Continue reading full bio on DISCO)


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