Frontier Folk Nebraska - Freaks

Old Flame

“We were all freaks. Sweaty, obsessed, lazy, deluded, deranged freaks. And you’re a freak too.”

With Frontier Folk Nebraska’s latest album they’ve penned a love letter to their awkward teenage selves and their listeners alike. Set on the streets of their hometown, inside basements, second hand cars, roller rinks, and most certainly in the longing minds of the people they remain, Freaks is a psychedelic journey through a gloriously misspent adolescence.

All of the best aspects of Frontier Folk Nebraska have been packed into this beautiful package. Big rhythms, bigger guitars, singalong choruses, and storytelling that sets the listener firmly inside the people and places populating this record, all the while helping that same listener feel that this story is also their own. Recorded in Point Pleasant, WV and in their home base of Covington, KY, Freaks is a concept record in both the same ways as The Wall, or The Ramones. Overarching stories and characters; unifying righteous riffs.

Fresh off another year of touring the midwest, south, and east coasts with festival appearances at SXSW, Rhythm Brew, and Whispering Beard, and tastemaker appearances at places like Leesta Vall Studios in Brooklyn, Frontier Folk Nebraska has shared stages with Damien JuradoLee Bains III and the Glory FiresSpiderbagsHerzog, and many many more.

Catch Michael Rendell HensleyTravis TalbertMatt McCormick, and Elijah Batson out on the road soon. They ain’t going anywhere but forward. Tour dates HERE! Contact us with any requests!


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Deer Tick, The Whigs, Futurebirds, William Matheny, Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires, Wussy
Explicit Tracks
#3, 6, 8, 2