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Christina Ward has been warming hearts and chilling spines with her brand of psychedelic and electronic infused folk. Although Ward plays many instruments from guitar to bass to banjo, her songwriting and vocal abilities are highlighted in her recent work as she takes us on a turn through a forest of drum machines, synthesizers, and effects to create a space that is intimate and immersive.

In her live performances, Ward is even more hypnotic, carrying the listener on a melodic path through a truly unique soundscape. Ward drops us unexpectedly into a meadow of virtuosic and textured guitar solos.

Calendar, 7-songs written, produced, and recorded by Ward, chronicles her early formidable experiences. Ward’s uncanny ability to weave adversity into an uplifting and triumphant sonic environment is unmatched.

“With skillful guitar work, tasteful touches of electronica, and layered vocals that cut like a dagger, Ward has created an intimate sonic space that we should all feel honored to visit.” – Johanna Warren | Singer/Songwriter

“Soft, picked out chords, a drum beat that teases and never comes in fully, discordant unexpected chord changes, all covered with angelic vocals that combine beauty and feelings of being haunted… with vocals reminiscent of Mazzy Star… more haunting, reverb-soaked vocals over a finger picked guitar track, more unpredictable chord progressions, and a simplicity that forces you to listen closely” – Joe Pugsley | BloodMakesNoise

“Organic melodies, ethereal voices and dreamy music are the three major elements of Christina Ward’s music. Her music resembles the pop-folk songs of First Aid Kit and the neo-classical music of Agnes Obel…” – Cloé Gruhier / Haumea Magazine