William Rhyne - Reminder [EP]


We are surrounded by reminders of past lives and loves. Many choose to shut them out, bury them deep, and live a life without introspect. Some choose to embrace the story and grow from these reminders.

William Rhyne has chosen to share his own Reminders with his new acoustic EP. Taking time away from his primary bands (Cuzco, It Looks Sad), the songwriter crafted a beautiful storyline weaving through the concepts of love and marriage, soberness, and loss. The stories encompass a period of his own life; a history that warrants a reminder.

Channeling fellow songwriters like Andy Shauf and Ben CooperWilliam Rhyne creates weight from the space between the notes. Reminder fills the ambient atmosphere with a story that hits like a wave you’ve attempted to outrun before eventually being overtaken.


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Bon Iver, Andy Hull, Andy Shauf, Radical Face, Villagers
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