WHALES•TALK - Eternal Sunshine [EP]


Clay James (WHALES•TALK) is a musician who left his Canadian hometown to pursue music in Los Angeles. After leaving his role on the comedy show “Sugar Pine 7”, Clay found a musical partner in Sean Silverman (Beach Weather and The Technicolors). In their first session, they created the first of 6 songs “Mission to Mars” for WHALES•TALK’s debut EP Eternal Sunshine. Set to release on March 24th. Sean called in a favor from his friends (The Maine) to borrow their studio for a week. They hit the road to Arizona and wrote the Eternal Sunshine EP. With each release leading up to the EP, Clay showcases the direction of his sound. With no shortage of music to come, Clay looks forward to pushing the boundaries of Alternative and Indie Rock.


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COIN, Beach Weather, Bad Suns, Colony House, Weathers, The Technicolors
Explicit Tracks
#1, 5 (Clean edits on DISCO)