Renee Maskin & The Mysterious Wilds - Renee Maskin & The Mysterious Wilds

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Blood Makes Noise: Premiere

“…Maskin sounds like she’s got more than a little Leonard Cohen in her.” – You Don’t Know Jersey

“…indie-folk at its finest” – The Rodeo Mag

“…quintessential, smart, unique Americana” – BloodMakesNoise

Known for her distinctive voice, literally and artistically, Renee Maskin is a staple of the thriving music scene in Asbury Park, NJ. On the heels of a busy 2022, which included debut solo record “Swimming” as well as a follow up EP “Dreams a River”, Maskin is  maintaining her momentum with another LP record, this time with a band.

Renee Maskin & The Mysterious Wilds features the bass stylings and songwriting contributions of another Asbury Park staple, Mike Noordzy (El Noordzo, Mothguts) and the Waits-inspired rhythms of fellow scene veteran Ben Ross (Le Big Zero, Mothguts). Recorded mostly live at the Old Franklin Schoolhouse in Metuchen, NJ, the record injects a welcomed air of grit and danger into Maskin’s signature sound. Pulling from her usual well of Americana with hints of more experimental undertones, the addition of Noordzy and Ross push the music further into these realms without losing the core of what Maskin is all about, ruminative lyrics and simple-yet-singular arrangements.


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Phoebe Bridgers, Stevie Nicks, Nick Cave
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#4 (Clean edit on DISCO)