Volatile Youth - Post Falls, Idaho

Mint 400

“So many great vibes. Each song was like a mini movie.” – Pop Plug

“Tom’s music is the perfect mash up of The Velvet Underground and bands like Wilco and Beach House, all soaked in reverb and vintage guitar tones.” – BloodMakesNoise

Post Falls, Idaho by Volatile Youth is a 10 song LP with a middle of nowhere Southern gothic feel, poetry, washed out trem/reverb guitars and a lot of twang.  Written by Tom Preisler who previously has done projects with Toronto bands like Bombs & The Shelters, as well as under his own name.

The subject matter on the newest LP deals with issues such us murder, loneliness, desolate spaces, travel, and the occult. This record is nostalgically influenced in part by bands like Mazzy StarJesus And Mary Chain, and flavoured by twists of country Americana.’ The music has a 60’s charm but with modern sensibilities. This newest collection of tracks takes everything that has been great about Tom’s music from the last decade and adds a great band backing him.


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Spiritualized, Dean Wareham, Ride, The Jesus and Mary Chain