Van Full Of Nuns - On The Run [EP]


Founders of “Pop Punk Nite!” & “Pop Punk’s Not Dead Fest!” the Nuns pride themselves on positive vibes and authenticity. Formed in 2019, the band has gained notoriety for their powerful originals and covers, high-energy live shows, and on and off-stage “she-NUN-igans”. They’ve developed a nationwide community of fans who are passionate for nostalgic experiences that bring back the golden eras of pop-punk and emo music.

Van Full of Nuns is made up of members Michael Perez (Lead vocals / guitar), Josh Koder (keyboard / guitar), Jason Korman (Vocals / Bass), Todd Griffith (Drums), and Cameron Henson (Stage Manager/Vocals) . While the band members come from various musical backgrounds, the foundation of the project is that music should be fun, live, and interactive!

Audiences at a Van Full of Nuns show scream along to Blink-182, My Chemical Romance, Sum 41, Fall Out Boy, and way… WAY more’s biggest hits, all performed LIVE by the Nuns. Giant inflatable pizza’s, calling fans on stage to scream along, beer pong tables, and spray painted skateboards transport audiences to a modern twist on the 90’s and 2000’s pop-punk eras when Blink ruled the scene, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater was the hottest game on the market, and fruit came by the mother f*cking foot!!! All fueled with energy drinks and the best live pop punk on the planet!!!

Van Full of Nuns has performed for Bowling For Soup, Taking Back Sunday, Motion City Soundtrack, Angels & Airwaves, Sleeping with Sirens, New Found Glory, Less Than Jake, Hot Mulligan, and Lolo!

“Cultivating a sense of community on and off stage has been a focus since day one with this project…” says Todd Griffith. “…having an authentic, open line of communication with our fans is invaluable. With modern tools like social media, community hubs, and being able to go live with our phones anytime anywhere, we are able to build a stronger fan-to-fan, and fan-to-band connection than ever before.”

Grab your snapbacks, skinny jeans, and chucks, and get ready for The Nuns to bring Pop Punk Nite! to a city near you.

“In the name of the pop, the punk, and the pizza crust… Amen.” – The Nuns


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Blink-182, New Found Glory, Motion City Soundtrack, Jimmy Eat World, Green Day