The Mighty Project - Total Football


The Mighty Project is a 6 piece band from the small but iconic Japanese town called Beppu. Under the name The Mighty Project, Malta-based Japanese musician Keito Otsuka developed his home-recording session in 2018, with his childhood friends Seiya Aramaki, Junya Aramaki, and Kengo Urata. After being joined by the drummer Rikuhiro America and the guitar player Ryota Kii, they started playing live shows in the venues in Beppu. The Mighty Project’s debut single ‘Be A Fool’ was released digitally in August 2020; their 1st album Total Football was released later that year. The lead track ‘Be A Fool’ got airplay on Seattle’s world-famous radio station KEXP, and also the other 3 songs (Beijing Bikini, Fandango, and Hold Me Tight) off the album were chosen to the soundtrack for the Japanese indie movie ‘Where is the girl?’.

2021’s single ‘Aeroplane’ featured the band’s love for Asian indie pop and US indie bands and was met with critical acclaim, including features on Spotify editorial playlists.