sophie meiers - spark__space [EP]


spark__space represents warmth, organic matter, and the worldly. In reference to their 3-part project being a “house”, sophie says spark__space is “the structure, the building, the living room”. It feels like flushed cheeks, comforting fabrics, and delirious longing. Opposed to the synthetic sound of shine__spacespark__space is quite the opposite. Sonically, it’s built with saturated guitars, hazy baselines, and cushiony vocals that blanket the organic production with a sense of untouched honesty. “I think that what makes these songs so special is that they are not trying to be anything — they are not over thought or edited — just exactly how I felt in that given moment,” comments meiers.

Hailing from a small mountain town in Colorado, sophie meiers became obsessed with music at a young age, propelled by the myriad of resources that the internet holds. They left home at 15, paving their own way through creative ingenuity and a DIY mindset that carries into their art and work ethic. Existing on a plane all their own, meiers has created a surrealist alternate universe for their art to live, melding their passions for writing, visual artistry, and producing with an aesthetic uniquely their own. Their experimental production, sultry vocals, and lyrical honesty have garnered them 700K monthly listeners, with their talents recognized and celebrated by The FADER, PAPER Magazine, Billboard, Consequence, i-D, Lyrical Lemonade and more.


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