Nightly - Wear Your Heart Out


The new collection of 14 tracks – each written and produced by Nightly (Jon Capeci, Nicholas Saintato, and Joseph Baretta) – is a rich, breezy and ethereal sonic experience paired with emotionally candid lyrics.

“Making this album felt the way that starting a band at age 12 does,” Capeci says. “Lots of jamming in the garage, no agenda – just pure enjoyment. Each song was started that way and we had the best time making it.”

wear your heart out includes previously released fan favorites “wear your heart out” and like i do” – the latter was released as the album’s second single in July, with the band donating their music video budget and to Wags and Walks in Nashville and instead taking three of the adoptable dogs out for a “dream day” in Nashville. During the band’s YouTube after party for the video’s premiere, Capeci revealed to fans that he ended up adopting Harlow, who is now affectionately known as Harley. Watch here.

Leading up to the album’s release, Nightly has gone viral for several covers of popular songs on Instagram Reels, putting their own spin on a range of records including “Iris”(Goo Goo Dolls) – which has amassed more than one million views – “Somebody Else” (The 1975), “The Scientist” (Coldplay) and “As It Was”(Harry Styles).

wear your heart out follows the 2020 release of night, love you which included collaborations with NOTD, Ayokay, and Vaultboy.


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The 1975, Lostboycrow, COIN, flor, LANY, The Band CAMINO, Yoke Lore
Explicit Tracks
#10 (Clean edit coming soon)