Robyn Hitchcock


Robyn Hitchcock
Goodnight Oslo
Yep Roc
ADDS 2/10/09

"The title refers to two long nights spent in Oslo in 1982 by Morris Windsor and myself with some friends," Robyn Hitchcock says of Goodnight Oslo, his new Yep Roc release with his ace combo the Venus 3. "The album, in part, celebrates the ghosts of the smoke age, and the various ways they were wrecked but still sailed on. That's the way it is with humans. You could call it the comfort of doom. Goodnight Oslo is a vortex that I am still leaving."

"So good news: Hitchcock, along with Venus 3 buddies Peter Buck (R.E.M.), Scott McCaughey (Minus Five, Young Fresh Fellows), and Bill Rieflin (Ministry), return with their second album, Goodnight Oslo, February 17 on Yep Roc. The Decemberists' Colin Meloy and Harvey Danger's Sean Nelson contribute guest vocals." - Pitchfork

TRY: #1, 3, 5, 10

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