Vox Jaguars


Vox Jaguars
Vox Jaguars
ADDS 2/10/09

The Vox Jaguars wryly romantic lyrics and lusty dance floor tempos will transport you to the most righteous basement parties of your youth- when we were all spitting our ADD meds into the toilet and sneaking out the kitchen door to get loaded on box-wine, suck face and be awash in music that informed the urgency of our shared adventure. The Vox Jaguars musical DNA bears traces of the epic teen-raunch rock and roll genes of The Troggs & The Standells passed through the lineages of Bowie & Bolan, recapitulated by The Verve and Blur and then seeded and sown into the soil of present-day Santa Cruz by The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s.

RIYL: Japanese Motors, Black Lips, Black Keys
TRY: #1, 3

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