Trouble Andrew


Trouble Andrew
Trouble Andrew
ADDS 2/10/09

"A pro-snow boarder-turned-musician, Trevor Andrew is engaged to the breakout singer Santogold. So it makes sense that on his major-label debut (which he self-released in 2007), he gets his lady to play hook girl on "Bang Bang," a sweet pop-punk jolt of thrumming bass and squiggly synths. He's also got an "L.E.S. Artistes" of his own: Andrew blasts gold-digging girls on "Chase Money" with hilarious rhymes like "You're a lush with a crush for the cash pile." But the rest of Trouble grows formulaic: tightly wound guitar riffage, propulsive electro beats and Andrew going on in his ambivalent stoner drawl. Breaking out of the hipster-snowboarding demographic could be an uphill climb." - Rolling Stone

TRY: #1, 2, 6, 7 (Santogold guests on #2)

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