Reese Van Riper - Electric City

Mint 400 Records

Reese Van Riper aren’t just a band that you’ll hear once and they’ll go away. In fact, this (band) will likely engulf you with their indie blues sound.” – The Aquarian Arts Weekly

“Self described as Jersey swamp rock, on “Hurt” the band adds a touch of grunge to the mossy quagmire. The vocal intonations and harmonies recall Alice in Chains and the raw honesty that is conveyed. “”Hurt” is a slow burner like the embers under the logs after the fire has diminished but the heat is at its most intense. The song will work its way under your skin and linger there a while like darker tunes often do. That is the genius of Reese Van Riper.”  – Ed Magdziak | You Don’t Know Jersey

The last decade has been quite a ride for northern New Jersey band Reese Van Riper. From touring across the country to building a solid home fanbase. The five piece from northern New Jersey consists of drummer Glen Monturi, lead guitarist Andrew Lange, bassist Evan Luberger, keyboardist Brandon Gehrig and Papa Reese himself on lead vocals and rhythm guitar. Evan Luberger & Brandon Gehrig also are the core members of the Mint 400 Records band Rosey Bengal and they share similar psychedelic vibes. The five have undeniable chemistry on and off the stage.

Electric City is Reese Van Riper’s 8th release, 5th full length album and first release with Mint 400 Records. This album immerses you in electric guitars and neon-like keyboards while driving to a steady pace of bass and drums mimicking the intricacies of a muscle car’s engine. Driving you through the sunset streets of Electric City. From the war call in “Knives Out” to the cruise down the moonlit drive at the end of “Strange”; this album will be an instant classic and one that you’ll want to listen to again and again. Reliving your time in Electric City.


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