Organic Gold - Hindsight [EP]


Mixing influences and love of post punk with synth pop, Organic Gold draws inspiration from artists who cross lines and blend sounds such as New Order, The Faint, Gary Numan, At the Drive-In, DEVO, The Knife, and Depeche Mode.

Organic Gold began as a rotating bill of musicians. Founded in 2017 by Jonny Cole and Matt Schmidt, original songs were written and recorded in an old trailer on a Bainbridge Island farm. Early Organic Gold demos featured various singers with Matt playing guitar and drums, and Jonny playing bass, synth, and engineering the tracks. While honing their niche, they experimented with a variety of styles, from punk to jazz, stoner rock to synth pop. In 2020 Jonny took over after Matt moved to the Alaskan frontier with his love Steph Zanati (a regular synth player with Organic Gold).

Since then other collaborators have worked with Jonny, including Julie M, who co-wrote lyrics on several of the songs on the latest EP, Hindsight. Hindsight represents a certain evolution of Organic Gold’s sound with songs taking on a deeper and more deliberate tone.

From trip hop vibes to punk rhythms, spacey psychedelic riffs to syncopated beats, Organic Gold influences are underpinned by eclectic influences.

Taking direction from the likes of Kraftwerk, Human League, Klaxons, and Hot Chip, Jonny integrates his skills in recording and mixing engineering to produce a unique sound.


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New Order, The Faint, Gary Numan, DEVO, The Knife, Depeche Mode