Off With Their Heads - Character

Anxious and Angry

“One of the most satisfying things about making music with Off With Their Heads is the ability to do whatever we feel like at any given moment. A while back, we¬†decided to try our hand at a stripped down / acoustic record. We liked how it came together and wound up releasing it independently on Anxious and Angry (my company). When circumstances beyond our control sidelined the band in the beginning of a touring cycle for Be Good, we decided to go back up to Minneapolis and just hit record on a few things. This wound up being the foundation for Character. A few reworked songs and a couple cover songs written by our favorites (Shel Silverstein and Shudder To Think). It was fun. We recorded it in our friend’s basement. We then decided to release it on our own (again via Anxious and Angry) when we had to cancel yet another tour. What began as an afterthought / something to keep busy, wound up charting on Billboard’s Top Current Albums at #63. Completely independently. Pretty cool. This collection of songs shows a punk band allowing influences of indie rock, Motown and folk boil up to the top. I like it. For once.” – Ryan, Off With Their Heads


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