No Great Pretender - Lazy Lover

Mint 400

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Lazy Lover” is the second album by No Great Pretender with Mint 400 Records. Recorded at The Cocoon recording studio in Jersey City Heights with engineer and producer Corey Zack. Guest musicians on the album include Ian Kenselar on stand up bass (Blame Game, Irresistible, My Smile) and Michael Esserman on guitar (Fading Away, Bartending).

This album explores fusing elements of jazz and indie rock together and at times one more than the other. With eight tracks in all, some lean in one direction and some combine elements of both.

Lazy Lover” is the follow up album to “The Piano Project” (2021)  which was written and recorded in a quarantine-style set-up with engineer, mixer, and co-producer, Michael Esserman (member of The Racer, A Carousel Moon).

Reimagined from the 1996 Roots album, “Illadelph Halflife“, No Great Pretender was born during the pandemic quarantine of 2020. No Great Pretender is the solo work of Eric Sosler from Westtown, NY. This adventure was created by a founding member of the band, The Racer as well as A Carousel Moon, and has grown and been fostered by a world of music and arts without perceived limits. Influences include: Justin VernonGregory Alan IsakovScott HutchinsonThe NationalHanif AbdurraquibThe RootsPatti SmithOscar Peterson and many more.


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