Kepi Ghoulie - Ramones In Love

Pirates Press Records

Ramones In Love’ is a love letter to the love songs of the Ramones

How did this record come to be? Well it all began years ago when a young romantic Kepi made a compilation tape of all the Ramones love songs in chronological order… he loved their ballads, and after seeing the Ramones live several times, realized it was unlikely he would ever hear these songs live… the tape was an essential part of the soundtrack of his life… punks need ballads after the show is over, relaxing, or when spending time with a partner…

Kepi has been releasing a love song or two every Valentines Day for well over a dozen years, and last years release included the Ramones’ “I Want You Around”. The song included guitar parts by two of Sacramento’s finest, and the dream of recreating this now “legendary” (to Kepi) comp tape became a passionate vision. Enlisting the production talents of his lifelong Ghoulie buddy Eric Bianchi, the two started recording tracks, with various talented friends, adding keyboards, horns, or whatever was needed to compliment the timeless melodies…

To many people, the Ramones are their “Beatles”….The music has all kinds of depth and emotions, and though the Ramones are best known for their bombastic non-stop song delivery, this offering showcases the romance and poignance of the catalog of a band that has not only launched a thousand punk bands, but also warmed a million hearts.


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