Lakes - Start Again

Know Hope

Start Again finds Lakes continuing to refine their charming bells and whistles (and handclaps), making the song feel almost Steel Train-esque.” – The Alternative

“The track steadily builds into a marching indie rock anthem, complete with a standout vocal performance from new member Blue Jenkins. The track shows off the creative chemistry that’s the new center of the band, where fervent emo meets newfound irresistible pop instincts.” – Under The Radar

“…they continue to grow in groundbreaking new ways.” – Broadway World

Named “your new favorite band” by Washed Up Emo, Lakes is a six piece indie group based out of Watford, UK. Founded by drummer and writer, Matt Shaw, Lakes have evolved immensely over the past four years. Maturing from a mini, bedroom side-project to a fully fleshed out math rock group, they continue to grow in groundbreaking new ways.

After releasing multiple EP’s and a debut full length, the group has gained high remarks from the likes of Punktastic, Ian Cohen, Alt Press and more. Now joining forces with Know Hope Records and Big Scary Monsters, Lakes will be releasing their sophomore album, Start Again, on July 30th.

During the tail end of 2019, Lakes began writing. As one of the band’s first collaborative efforts as a six piece group, the addition of singer, glockenspiel/synth player Blue Jenkins and bassist Charlie Smith propel the record to new heights. Start Again features profound melodies, improved basslines, and poppy choruses. Creating their own unique blend of prolific math rock and captivating pop, Lakes turn traditional, twinkly emo inside out.

Recorded over the course of nine months and various lockdowns, Start Again became somewhat a vehicle of healing for the group. It explores various themes. From mental health to addiction, from break ups to cutting out toxic friends, it’s a record of self progression and coming out on the other side alive. Produced and mixed by Neil Strauch (Owen, Owls, Joan Of Arc, Slow Mass, etc), it’s more than just some quarantine record. Start Again is a testament of the human condition, “It’s about being at peace and moving forward, and saying that it’s actually OK to Start Again”.-Roberto Cappellina


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American Football, Gulfer, Minus The Bear, Owen, Into It Over It, Foxing
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