Gold Record - Tranquilizer

For Delight

GOLD RECORD is a pop music collective created by lifelong friends Evan Michalski, Noah Clark, & Ryan McKone.  Formed in quarantine 2020 while spread out between the Bay Area, California, The Big Island of Hawaii, and the High Desert, New Mexico – Gold Record came into being to keep a strong creative focus during lockdown and celebrate their love of collaboration and adventurous pop music.

The band quickly made a name for themselves with their high volume of content – releasing 9 EP’s at a frenetic pace with a variety of mixers including Alex Newport, Matt Bayles, STRNGS, & Nick Vernhes. With this hectic release schedule, Gold Record found their stride with a unique blend of percussive vocal harmonies, stacked beats, and an eclectic blend of live + sampled instruments to create an overall sound that is syncopated, fun, earwormy, dancy, and has a sense of humor.

TRANQUILIZER is the first full-length album from Gold Record.  Mixed by longtime collaborator Aaron Hellam, Tranquilizer aggregates the best of the band’s sonic palette from their prior EPs and weaves it into a bigger, louder, sexier, more-saxophoned, stadium-pop aesthetic.  Starring the lead single “Red Light” – the band chows through influences of Gloria Estefan, Phil Collins, U2, and !!! to bring forth a delicious pop offering.


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St. Lucia, Roosevelt, Sofi Tukker, Electric Guest