El Valerie - Last Night Was Confidential

Mint 400

El Valerie has a special charm and appeal to her music; it’s intimate and urgent. It feels at times like El Valerie is whispering softly in your ear. The music at times is simplistic but has South American flair to it which makes it much more interesting than a lot of bedroom pop.” – Bloodmakesnoise

El Valerie (she/her) is an indie rock/pop musician and visual artist whose work synthesizes various influences and identities. Born and raised in Queens, NY and currently based in Providence, RI, her brand of DIY pop draws on everything from film soundtracks to Latin American folk traditions. Her songs are warm observations of love, changes and the human experience.

After spending her teenage years recording in her bedroom, she has gone on to release various EPs on CD-R and limited cassettes. Her latest album, Last Night Was Confidential, (her first release via Mint 400 Records) is an effervescent lo-fi pop delight, replete with adventurous hooks and tender lyrics.

“Like any great entertainer she understands how to tread the line of chaos/order, harmony/cacophony.” – Recclective.Wpcomstaging

“Nice honest music that is pleasing to listen to, like a dish that is seasoned properly for well-balanced delicious flavor!” – Eternitytree 

“Earnest bedroom meditations from Providence, Rhode Island based singer songwriter Valerie Geller” – Diamonddeposits 

“art pop, her music is minimalist and soulful, colored with sparse drum machine, humming ambiance, bluesy guitar, and clear crooning.” – Counterzine