Dream Home - Dream Home

Mint 400

Interview & Video Premiere – Blood Makes Noise

Dream Home is a three-piece indie rock band started by Jaren Love, former frontman and songwriter from the longtime Pittsburgh based band, The Lampshades (who released their 2018 album Astrology on Mint 400). Popdose has said of Love’s previous project “clearly schooled in the ways of pop and hooks…It’s an adventurous, enthralling listen” and hopefully that is the way listeners will view this new release. Love is joined by Joe Praksti, well known for his work as frontman in Pittsburgh based band, Rave Ami and multi-instrumentalist Sam Winward. Their self-titled debut album was produced by Steven Donahue of Young Legs and included help from Love’s longtime Lampshades collaborator Dane Adelman. The album, 9 songs clocking just under 30 minutes, is a journey of nostalgic pop tunes in a simplified and dreamy stripped-down production. The band looks forward to hitting regional stages again when they are able. Known in the past for having “the spirit of Brian Wilson and the pseudo-punky/poppy jangliness of Pavement” (Musictap), I’m sure any fan will feel those vibes in Love’s new project.


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Pavement, Grandaddy, Guided By Voices
Explicit Tracks
#4, 9