Dread Eyes - Dread Eyes [EP]

Mint 400/Pyrrhic Victory

The tuneful and compelling song drives forward with grinding guitar cycles, dynamic bass line, and hard-smacked drum beat. – Rebel Noise

Dread Eyes is a new project from seasoned NJ musicians Ryan Struck (Scary Hours, The 65’s) and Joe Pugsley (The 65’s). Having played together for over 10 years, the two have grown closer musically and personally, and Dread Eyes is a culmination of that relationship, utilizing shared influences and their own personal talents to create a sound that is perhaps best described as gritty and powerful punk influenced pop/rock. With a nod to the likes of Leatherface and Jawbreaker, the band blends melodic, layered guitars, gruff vocals, and deliberate song structures to convey topics involving the difficulties of life and relationships, general longing, and existential dread. Hoping to utilize their big choruses and visceral sound to pull audiences in, their self-titled debut on Mint 400 Records contains all the above-mentioned elements and a raw attack, bringing an authenticity to the sound that clearly is a band priority.


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Leatherface, Jawbreaker, Hot Water Music, Smoke Or Fire
Explicit Tracks
#2, 3 (Clean edits on download page)