Blue Vervain - The Garden

Mint 400


Step into the garden. A sonic realm where emotions collide and stories unfold. With a unique blend of raw vulnerability, thought provoking lyrics, and blooming energy, Blue Vervain is back with the highly anticipated record, The Garden. The album dips into familiar, but vastly different territory than what Blue Vervain has put out previously. Songs like “The Garden” and “Mexico” are up-beat indie-bed room pop esque anthems, while “Photographs” and “Silent Movies” are alternative rock/indie rock power ballads. Jon Khan, songwriter and lead singer of Blue Vervain sat down and described this album as “[a] start to finish journey. Something that everyone could reflect on in their lives, relationships and friendships that bloom, and then die, loved ones who become so cherished in your lives, only to fade away and leave you standing on your own two feet.” Indeed, each track on The Garden unveils a tapestry of emotions, reflecting the triumphs, heartaches and moments of pure growth we experience in our lives. Everyone walks through the garden at some point, and if you end up there, blast this record.


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