Subsonic Eye - All Around You


The Singaporean band’s new album showcases a punchier indie rock sound and reinvigorated perspective on the environment. – Pitchfork (7.2)

“Hurt Your Head” is one of those ‘this is my new favorite band!’ songs – you know the ones. – Guitar World

All Around You’s lead track “Yearning” unravels the band’s religious dedication to the idea that nature is all around us, that we are whole with it. Sung over a nimble guitar melody and tension-building rhythm, “dunk my head into waters / wake me up fully new now” arrives in direct reference to Wahidah’s newfound perspective that we over indulgent humans can still find a harmonious balance with nature.

On her state of mind while making the “Yearning” music video, Subsonic Eye’s Nur Wahidah writes, “In the past few years, opening my mind up to the little things around me allowed me to get closer with nature and myself. I felt like as I learnt more about my relationship with nature, the love I felt for my loved ones grew deeper (and vice versa). I feel that my love for nature (and myself) started to parallel the love I have for my loved ones! Every day I thank all the trees around me for reminding me of the love I am capable of receiving and giving. Some days it is particularly beautiful out and it cocoons me in a familiar warmth.”

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