Blue Vervain - North Carolina

Mint 400

Blue Vervain’s second full length LP titled North Carolina is meant to serve as a soundtrack to a story of heartbreak and reconciliation. Released on January 22nd, 2021, this album is filled with subtle sounds and tension, yet the album’s sound is open and breathes a life of its own. The opening track “I’d Love to be In Love” screams the notion of wearing your heart on your sleeve, while in contrast the second track “Numbs Me Out” narrows that notion by declaring that love actually, “Numbs” the soul if not with the right person. Tour Worthy wrote, “[Numbs Me Out] has suffered loss and while [the song holds] it together at [its] surface, inside it’s dying, crying out in the form of singer Jon Khan’s soft yet powerful tenor.” This album presents a lot of contrast, yet a lot of similarities and consistency in any context, whether it be lyrics, sounds, or feel.

Recorded at Strange Weather Studios in Brooklyn, NY with producer Garret De Block, Blue Vervain has again shown their musicality and sense of maturity with this album. Plus, the album ends with almost a bonus track type of feel with a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” recorded at Red Bull Studios in Manhattan, NY.

For any listener seeking reconciliation and growth within their own lives, North Carolina might be the transcendence album for you.


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