Barefoot Young - W.B.T.T.


W.B.T.T. contains a grungy alternative-rock vibration, youthful energy, and relatable narratives. Standout tracks include the title track, Strangers, and Circles.” – Bong Mines

Having been together for nearly 15 years, Barefoot Young has formed through its many sonic experiments, growing pains and on-stage experiences developing a unique identity that combines influences from a multitude of generational sounds. Driven by its core members Ian Howard, Ben Taylor and Derek Bolivar, Barefoot Young has built upon its guitar driven rock roots with its debut LP to incorporate a greater variety of sounds that includes a heavier injection of synth and piano based songs. Produced by Ian Howard and Paul Q. Koldiere (Pixies, Radiohead, Hole, Dinosaur Jr., Juliana Hatfield), Barefoot Young’s debut LP W.B.T.T. provides a glimpse into what’s to come for the band’s upcoming projects while reflecting on the band’s past to offer a snapshot into the current world of Barefoot Young.