Autumn Chamberlain - My Turn [EP]


Searching for emotion and authenticity in a genre often devoid of it, 22-year-old pop singer-songwriter Autumn Chamberlain is coming into her own while filling that gap. Hailing from Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, Autumn is recutting a trail once well-traveled in the pop landscape. With a unique and warm sound, Autumn’s casual yet intimate songwriting builds on acoustic guitar and piano to create a natural take on pop.

My Turn, the latest addition to Autumn’s discography, signifies growth and maturity that keeps time with her life. Having lived in Vermont her whole life, Autumn describes the EP as representing her turn to leave home and pursue dreams in the music industry. With three uniquely different tracks all inspired by a single muse, she set out to tell a story saturated by truth and connected by a single thread of strength and sensitivity.

“Carousel”, the EP’s opener, immediately suggests being stuck on a ride going nowhere. Despite being a fairly loaded topic, the lyrics were written on a chocolate-chip cookie recipe, showing Autumn’s ability to turn heartbreak and disappointment into peace and comfort.

Launching into the most overtly sad-song track on the EP, “Second Chances” begins with a solitary piano note, before Autumn’s clear, remorseful voice ponders the end of a relationship, complete with the customary second guessing and rethinking. Before the track is over, a full band kicks in as Autumn reminds her muse “If you’re into second chances, I would take it”.

My Turns finale, “Not to Think”, represents a trip outside her comfort zone, both in life, and production. Autumn notes she went into writing this song with clear intentions and expectations. This three-song journey of heartbreak and self-discovery portrays Autumn in a new light as she prepares to leave Vermont and pursue music.