A Carousel Moon - Random People [EP]

Mint 400

A Carousel Moon, made up of two lifelong friends Michael Esserman and No Great Pretender, is the newest project to take shape on the side of the band, The Racer. This duo is committed to creating music in any genre that the two want to indulge in, including IndieDance, Electronic, Blues/Jazz, IndiePop, Instrumental Soundscapes, and anything else that is possible. Most groups or artists get “Identified” or “Categorized” with one genre and therefore the purpose of A Carousel Moon is to have that freedom of creating in the moment and having multiple identities or one can even say no particular identity at all.

RANDOM PEOPLE, A Carousel Moon‘s third EP release in 2021 with MINT 400 Records is a group of songs that belong in the indie pop/folk world. With emotional vocals and piano based songs, all four tracks share an intimate and melancholic energy. With this release the duo of Michael Esserman and Eric Sosler (No Great Pretender) have switched up their sound once again.

Coming off the release of their latest single and collaborative project with fellow friend and musician, Chris Curtin, the bonus track single KEEP MY HEAD offered an eclectic electronic indie pop rock vibe. With all these releases, (OUT OF SEQUENCE EP Sept. 2021 and FOXY VOL. 1 EP May 2021) fans get to see the multiple dimensions A Carousel Moon has to offer.

Listeners will have to keep tuning in to each release to see what sound comes out next. Not worrying if one “Sound” will carry over with the next release, which gives the project a sense of freedom that the two songwriters have never experienced. The bands mission is to just be good writers and musicians in whatever the genre of music.


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