Yellow Pills - Space Age Inferno

Mint 400/Raining

Tucked away in a Chicago apartment, the songs of Yellow Pills are all concocted by one person. Mostly. On occasion, a guest pops in but more often than not, Ryan Miera of the Mint 400 Records band The Limbos  is the man behind the curtain of the sonic adventures in madness that you hear when ingesting Yellow Pills. The first 5 albums are physically floating around Chicago but difficult to come by as there was a limited amount of CDs made. Per usual, every record by Yellow Pills contains a remarkably wide range of sounds.

Space Age Inferno was created over a year consisting of scattered bursts of ideas. Every track turns an unexpected corner but the entire record keeps the listener intrigued. Surf, garage, funk, lounge, cabaret and electronica all co-exist on Space Age Inferno the 2nd Yellow Pills album available on all streaming services and mp3 outlets.  Violin on “John Called, He Left a Message” courtesy of James Hausman. Trumpet on “The Short Walk” courtesy of Matt Riggen. Produced, Written and Engineered by Ryan Miera. Mastered by Neil Sabatino. This release is part of the Mint 400 Records sub-label Raining Music, a label of instrumental and jazz music.


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Explicit Tracks
Trigger Warning: #6