Why Dogs Why - Homebody [EP]


Why Dogs Why is a power-pop/indie-rock band from Los Angeles, CA led by songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Alex Johnson. The project began in 2018 with the release of Append, a collection of songs that were each recorded and released one by one every two weeks. 2019 saw the release of single “Freak”, a song about hypochondria, which gained some airplay on Carles of Hipster Runoff’s Sirius XM show “Blog Radio”. In 2021, the EP Dress Well Enough was released, featuring lead single “T.O.C.”

2022 brought in a new era of productivity for Why Dogs Why, with Johnson playing keyboard and percussion as a touring member of LA band Cheekface, as well as releasing debut Why Dogs Why LP Better Dog In Show later that year.

While still riding the high after the release of Better Dog, he put together a collection of five unreleased songs that were recorded during the same sessions, which are set to be released as new EP Homebody, out June 2, 2023. When comparing Homebody to the fast, nearly unhinged sound of Better Dog, it’s clear why these songs were not included on the 2022 LP – the five new songs have a more subdued and calculated energy. Johnson’s voice and narrative tone lend themselves well to this new sound, showcased by lead single “(Driving on the) Wrong Side of the Road)” and warbly crooner “Your Cocoon”.

The remainder of 2023 will see Why Dogs Why performing live dates in LA and Southern California, as well as recording a new LP in the Fall.


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